Yip Tse & Tang Solicitors, Notaries & Marriage Celebrants

Hong Kong Lawyers,  Notaries,  Civil Celebrants.

We have over 30 lawyers to provide Hong Kong legal services meeting your basic legal needs.

Our professional services include:

  • Civil litigation matters, defending a criminal charge. Legal representation in court proceedings, mitigations, trials and appeals in courts.
  • Legal advice and court representations in commercial disputes. Drafting of commercial and business contracts.
  • Personal & corporate insolvency: personal bankruptcies, credit cards and loans restructuring (Debt relief plan, DRP or IVA) 
  • Notary Public to notarize document and arrange apostille or legalization.
  • China-Appointed Attesting Officer to attest Hong Kong documents for use in China
  • Civil celebrant of marriages to register Hong Kong marriage. Solemnize your marriages in our offices or at outside wedding venues.
  • Change Name - Deed Poll $500 Mobile 68388789 WhatsAPP OK
  • Legal advice and drafting legal documents relating to different law issues: family legal matters such as probate, wills, trusts and divorce, separation and matters on your business.

See our legal skills and law practices

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Our divergent legal skills and law practices

Divorce, Civil Litigation, Criminal Defence, Notary, Marriages, Wills, Change of Name, Conveyancing etc.

Our Hong Kong solicitors possess divergent legal skills to assist you on different law practices and legal advice. We are particularly strong in : divorce matters, civil litigations and have wide legal experience in notary public and marriage registration services:

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Change Name - Deed Poll $500 Mobile 68388789 WhatsAPP OK

Changing your name or surname in Hong Kong is easy.

  • First, you instruct us to prepare a Deed Poll (formal name of a Change of Name Deed).
  • Second, you go to the Immigration Department in Hong Kong (Address: Wanchai Immigration Tower) to replace your Hong Kong identity card.
  • Third, you use your Hong Kong identity card to replace other documents or name particulars, e.g. bank accounts, passports etc.
  • Lastly, for those documents that cannot be replaced, you would use your Deed Poll to prove that the names belong to the same person i.e. you.

Our fee is $500 only. If you have sufficient documents with you i.e. Identity documents and address proof, your Deed Poll can be done forthwith at one of our 17 offices. Feel free to call us at

68388789 to make an appointment or enquiry.

WhatsAPP welcome.


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Insolvency, liquidation, bankruptcy, DRP, IVA

We are a law firm leading in personal insolvency legal services in Hong Kong. Since 2001, we have handled and completed the following number of insolvency cases:

  • over 10,000 personal bankruptcy cases
  • over 1500 personal debt restructuring cases through voluntary arrangements (IVA) or debt relief plans (DRP). 

If you are in heavy debts and stressed by credit card or personal loans, you may consider bankruptcy, voluntary arrangement  or debt relief plan (DRP) to solve your debt problems.

Our insolvency team also serves clients requiring legal services on other insolvency related proceedings:

  • corporate insolvency
  • corporate debt restructuring and
  • liquidation or winding up of limited companies.

Any problems? Make a call to our experienced insolvency lawyer - Henry Chung 64199999 (English, French or Cantonese)

Bankruptcy Chinese site: www.HongKongBankruptcy.com

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China-Appointed Attesting Officer. Enquiry 91099999 WhatsAPP OK

Role and Functions of China Appointed Attesting Officer

Documentsof Hong Kong to be used in China require attestation, certification or witnessing by a China-appointed attesting officer. It is usually called "attesting" services instead of "notarial" services.

We have one lawyer qualified as a China-Appointed Attesting Officer appointed by the Chinese Ministry of Justice. He is therefore authorised to attest or certify acts, matters and documents with a legal meaning in Hong Kong for use in Mainland China.

Examples of Document Attesting

Our China-Appointed Attesting Officer is capable of preparing and attesting of, as the major examples:-

  • Declaration for an intended marriage (bachelor or spinster certificate) 
  • Declaration in support of an application of relatives for family reunion in Hong Kong 
  • Declaration for the succeeding or quiting inheritance of an estate 
  • Declaration for the adoption of children
  • Power of Attorney or Authorisation (in personal or corporate capacity) for civil or commercial purposes.
  • Appointing lawyers or legal representatives to conduct legal or other lawful proceedings
  • Appointing an agent or attorney for sale or purchase of properties
  • Certifying corporate particulars or legal persons of Hong Kong companies
    • incorporation status
    • business registration particulars 
    • directors’ and/or shareholders’ resolutions
  • CEPA Certification: application for CEPA service provider certificate (under Annex 5).


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Criminal Defence: bail, mitigation & trials

Our lawyers experienced in criminal defence may offer legal assistance and legal advice on:

  • defend a criminal charge at trial
  • bail application
  • mitigation for a lighter sentence by court.

We can represent you at Magistrates' Courts, District Court, High Court, Court of Appeal and Court of Final Appeal.

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Marriage Registration, Civil Celebrant Enquiry 94899800 WhatsAPP OK

We have over 10 civil celebrants of marriages. They serve 10 marriage registration offices all over Hong Kong. We have handled thousands of marriage registrations of Hong Kong. All our lawyer celebrants are well experienced in Hong Kong's marriage legal process. We handle the entire marriage process for you so that you need not line up at the Marriage Registry. 

Intending marrying couple can attend our 14 offices: Mongkok, Kwun Tong, Cheung Sha Wan/Lai Chi Kok, Central, Wanchai, Shatin, Tsuen Wan, Yuen Long or Sheung Shui and more. We have a SKY GARDEN wedding hall situate at the city centre of Kowloon i.e. Mongkok Chung Kiu Commercial Building.

Other wedding hall themes can be searched at our hongkongdo.com :

More than 10 decorated wedding hall themes

If you have all the required documents ready, you may sign the Notice of intended marriage on the same day. If you wish to make an appointment, please call our marriage hotline:

 82099999 or

94899800 WhatsAPP OK

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Notary Public, Apostille & Legalization Enquiry 6888-9999 WhatsAPP OK

We have two Hong Kong notary public. They provide notarial services on oversea documents: affidavits, attest signatures, authentication and certification. We also act as agents for arranging Apostille (pursuant to Hague Convention) and legalization with Consulate-General. We have vast notarization experience on:

  • issue notarial certificate
  • apostille or
  • legalization.

You may need public notary:

  • To certify identity e.g. a passport 
  • To witness Powers of Attorney
  • Dealing with international business transactions e.g. witness signatures to a contract
  • Buying property abroad: attest signature to a title transfer
  • Setting up a business or company abroad 
  • Sponsor relatives from abroad 
  • Sending your child overseas appointing a guardian or custodian
  • Adopting children 
  • Dealing with travel documentation and work permits.
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Divorce, child custody & maintenance

We have a strong practice in matrimonial or family court proceedings. We are currently handling thousands of active Hong Kong divorce cases, matters of separation, children custody, maintenance and property adjustment all arising from divorce process.

Hushands and wives not yet decided to divorce may consider separation. Our legal services include giving sensible legal advice and preparation of separation deed. Our legal fee is reasonable. Men and wives who are determined to get a divorce may instruct us to represent them in family court for the proceedings. We may act as legal representatives in court whether the proceedings are contentious or non-contentious. However, men or wives should take note that legal fees are high in prolonged matriminal battles in court. In any event, we are happy to give you sensible legal advice to face this.

There are side and ancially matters arising from divorce proceedings in court. These include:

  • grounds of divorce proceedings
  • children custody
  • maintenance to spouse or children
  • financial and ancillary applications
  • division of family or matrimonial properties or assets

If the hushand and wife are agreeable on the major issues, our lawyers are pleased to draft a settlement agreement setting out terms that having been agreed upon and as the case may be submit it to become a court order:

  • separation agreement dealing with children custody  and maintenance to children or spouse
  • property adjustment on family assets such as matrimonial home and other valuable assets
  • guardianship appointment or agreements.
  • family trusts.
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Work Injuries & Traffic Accidents

We are famous in legal representation of claimnants/plaintiffs in court on claims for personal injuries. Claims for compensation may arise from injuries in workplace and road accidents. We have hundreds of active claim proceedings in progress and some of our lawyers are highly focused in this area of legal practice.

Injuries arising from workplace accidents may inlcude:

  • claims for employees' compensation under the statute and 
  • common law claims based on the employers' negligence.

Injuries to a person arising from road accident by vehicles or cars may entitle an injured person to claim against the negligence driver and vehicle owner for compensation in common law of negligence.

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Wills (simple or complex), Probate Administration

Prepare a Hong Kong Will

We are experienced in drafting wills based on Hong Kong laws i.e. Wills Ordinance. We prepare a simple Hong Kong will (with 2 pages long) on the same day. The legal fee is about $1500. For complex wills involving listing out real properties or specific asset items e.g. a particular listed stocks or shares in a business, it will incur a higher fees and time for accuracy reasons.

Hospital attendance

If you have an urgent will to prepare and sign, our lawyers may attend its witnessing at hospital. This emergency service, however, will require extra legal fee. Valid wills must be prepared and attested according to required legal formalities. Home made wills may not escape probate court's scrutiny and is undesirable.

Probate Administration

If the deceased leaves no will, his/her successors have to apply for Letters of Administration and Grants with the High Court Probate Registry. Person having died without a will has the disadvantage of leaving his assets to unwanted beneficiaries or sharing not in accordance with his true will. A will represents the true wishes and intention of a person and thus a fulfilment. If he/she has a will, the successors may instruct us to obtain a Grant of Probate for them.

Grant Resealing, Assent & Deed of Family Arrangements

In some cases, the deceased may own assets in foreign countries. Our lawyers and notary public are happy to offer legal help in such a cross-border situation.

Apart from the about service, we offer the relevant legal services:

  • resealing of grants issued in oversea countries
  • acting as court-appointed administrator by our trustee company (YTT Trustees Limited, a licensed trust corporation).
  • preparing Assent of real estate to beneficiary of an estate
  • preparing and witnessing a Deed of Family Arrangement for beneficiaries and executor/administrator of an estate
  • family trust: legal advice and drafting of trust deeds.
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Civil Litigations: claims or defence

Skills & Experience on Civil Legal Proceedings in Hong Kong

We have a strong tradition on civil litigations: claims and defence in all levels of Courts in Hong Kong. We have lawyers with deep legal experience acting for litigants as plaintiffs or defendants in civil legal proceedings. Especially, we have a strong legal practice on personal injuries claims and employees' claims compensation.

Legal representation to Individuals or Corporations

Whether you are an individual or a business corporations, we welcome you to approach us to act for you as your legal representatives in court proceedings in Hong Kong.

  • matrimonial court proceedings: divorce, custody and maintenance.
  • commercial disputes and arbitration: shareholders and partnership disputes
  • corporate insolvency, company liquidation or winding up
  • intellectual property rights: copyrights, patents, trademarks and registered design
  • mediation proceedings in the course of civil litigations.
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Contact our lawyer, Henry Chung 64199999 WhatsAPP Welcome

  • Henry-Chung_Hong-kong-litigation-lawyerPartner 
  • Solicitor Hong Kong 
  • Member, Law Society of Hong Kong 
  • Member, Maryland State Bar Association 
  • Member, New Jersey State Bar Association 
  • Member, American Bar Association 
  • Certified Notary Public, Maryland 
  • Juris Doctor, Georgetown Law Center, Washington DC 
  • PCLL, University of Hong Kong 
  • B.A. Government and Economics, Cornell University, Ithaca NY 
  • Arnold & Porter, Washington DC, Staff Attorney in 2006 
  • Food and Drug Administration, Center for Biologics Evaluation & Research, Rockville MD 
  • Litigation/Trade Secrets Attorney in 2003-6 


  • Major area of practice:
  • Comprehensive handling of civil litigation cases including drafting of pleadings and correspondences, attending Check List Review and 3-minute hearings, negotiation of settlement, and arranging mediation. Litigation cases include dispute commercial cases among shareholders and directors.
  • Comprehensive handling of criminal litigation cases including taking instructions from clients, attending trials, mitigation, plea and sentencing hearings.
  • Commercial laws, drafting contracts and acting for clients in commercial acquisitions
  • Handled extensively on divorce proceedings, highly familiar in child custody, maintenance and matrimonial asset divisions. Skilled in court appearances, completing different divorce forms and documents. Bankruptcy & debt restructuring matters for personal debtors
  • Comprehensive handling of personal injuries and employees’ compensation cases including drafting of pleadings and correspondences, attending Check List Review and summons and trial hearings in courts, negotiation of settlement, attending trials and assessment of damages hearings. 
  • Acting for vendors and purchasers in conveyancing transactions including raising and answering requisitions and comprehensive study of title deeds. 
  • Extensive handling of probate cases including drafting of wills and obtaining letters of administration for clients. 
  • Conducted legal research and client interviews

Check out his full professional qualifications at Henry Chung, bankruptcy legal advice or  www.solicitor.hk

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Address : Room 1202, 12/F, Tower 1, Lippo Centre, 89 Queensway, Admiralty, Hong Kong

Address : Unit 2503, 25/F, Causeway Bay Plaza 1, 489 Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Address : Unit 1701, 17/F, Hang Seng North Point Building, 339 King's Road, North Point, Hong Kong

Address : 2/F., CNT House, 120 Johnston Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Address : Room 2118, 21/F, One Grand Tower, 639 Nathan Road, Mongkok, Kowloon

Address : Room 1805, 18/F, Chung Kiu Commercial Building, 47-51 Shan Tung Street, Mong Kok, Kowloon

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Address : Shop 74, 1/F Fortune Plaza Shopping Centre, 4 On Chee Road, Tai Po, N.T.

Address : Unit 1517-18, Level 15, Tower II, Grand Central Plaza, 138 Shatin Rurul Committee Road, Shatin.

Address : Room 2301A-6B & 7A, 23/F, Nan Fung Centre, 264-298 Castle Peak Road, Tsuen Wan

Address : Room 701, HSBC Building Yuen Long, 150-160 Castle Peak Road, Yuen Long

Address : Room 1116-7, 11/F, Landmark North, 39 Lung Sum Road, Sheung Shui

Address : Room 2301, 23/F, Tuen Mun Parklane Square, 2 Tuen Hi Road, Tuen Mun

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