Civil Litigations: claims or defence
Work Injuries & Traffic Accidents

Wills (simple or complex), Probate Administration

Prepare a Hong Kong Will

We are experienced in drafting wills based on Hong Kong laws i.e. Wills Ordinance. We prepare a simple Hong Kong will (with 2 pages long) on the same day. The legal fee is about $1500. For complex wills involving listing out real properties or specific asset items e.g. a particular listed stocks or shares in a business, it will incur a higher fees and time for accuracy reasons.

Hospital attendance

If you have an urgent will to prepare and sign, our lawyers may attend its witnessing at hospital. This emergency service, however, will require extra legal fee. Valid wills must be prepared and attested according to required legal formalities. Home made wills may not escape probate court's scrutiny and is undesirable.

Probate Administration

If the deceased leaves no will, his/her successors have to apply for Letters of Administration and Grants with the High Court Probate Registry. Person having died without a will has the disadvantage of leaving his assets to unwanted beneficiaries or sharing not in accordance with his true will. A will represents the true wishes and intention of a person and thus a fulfilment. If he/she has a will, the successors may instruct us to obtain a Grant of Probate for them.

Grant Resealing, Assent & Deed of Family Arrangements

In some cases, the deceased may own assets in foreign countries. Our lawyers and notary public are happy to offer legal help in such a cross-border situation.

Apart from the about service, we offer the relevant legal services:

  • resealing of grants issued in oversea countries
  • acting as court-appointed administrator by our trustee company (YTT Trustees Limited, a licensed trust corporation).
  • preparing Assent of real estate to beneficiary of an estate
  • preparing and witnessing a Deed of Family Arrangement for beneficiaries and executor/administrator of an estate
  • family trust: legal advice and drafting of trust deeds.
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