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Change Name - Deed Poll $500 Mobile 68388789 WhatsAPP OK

Changing your name or surname in Hong Kong is easy.

  • First, you instruct us to prepare a Deed Poll (formal name of a Change of Name Deed).
  • Second, you go to the Immigration Department in Hong Kong (Address: Wanchai Immigration Tower) to replace your Hong Kong identity card.
  • Third, you use your Hong Kong identity card to replace other documents or name particulars, e.g. bank accounts, passports etc.
  • Lastly, for those documents that cannot be replaced, you would use your Deed Poll to prove that the names belong to the same person i.e. you.

Our fee is $500 only. If you have sufficient documents with you i.e. Identity documents and address proof, your Deed Poll can be done forthwith at one of our 17 offices. Feel free to call us at

68388789 to make an appointment or enquiry.

WhatsAPP welcome.


葉謝鄧律師行 | 中國銀行指定律師行名單 | 買一手樓 $4900,居屋贖樓$1800,轉按律師費$4500,加按律師費$4500 | Call/WhatsApp 66899999

Insolvency, liquidation, bankruptcy, DRP, IVA

We are a law firm leading in personal insolvency legal services in Hong Kong. Since 2001, we have handled and completed the following number of insolvency cases:

  • over 10,000 personal bankruptcy cases
  • over 1500 personal debt restructuring cases through voluntary arrangements (IVA) or debt relief plans (DRP). 

If you are in heavy debts and stressed by credit card or personal loans, you may consider bankruptcy, voluntary arrangement  or debt relief plan (DRP) to solve your debt problems.

Our insolvency team also serves clients requiring legal services on other insolvency related proceedings:

  • corporate insolvency
  • corporate debt restructuring and
  • liquidation or winding up of limited companies.

Any problems? Make a call to our experienced insolvency lawyer - Henry Chung 64199999 (English, French or Cantonese)

Bankruptcy Chinese site:

葉謝鄧律師行 | 中國銀行指定律師行名單 | 買一手樓 $4900,居屋贖樓$1800,轉按律師費$4500,加按律師費$4500 | Call/WhatsApp 66899999